Welcome to our website! Our company Zete Industry s.r.o. is a medium-sized business operating since 2011. We supply welders, pipe fitters, metal workers, fitters of steel structures, plumbers, heating technicians and electrical fitters for short-term and long-term work. Currently, we have 30-40 available highly skilled workers with rich experience in the Czech republic as well as abroad. They took active part in various projects implemented notably in Germany and partly in Austria, Finland, Sweden and Italy. We also supply workers to work in other EU countries. We perform work on building sites, industrial halls and power plants. Our staff can speak English or German. The workers either work Mondays to Fridays or on temporary assignments, if required.


We offer:

welding services suitable for radiographic and ultrasonic testing

- welders qualified in compliance with the following European norms:


EN 287-1, 141 TIG – stainless steel and black steel (incl. mirror welding)

EN 287-1, 111 E – stainless steel and black steel

EN 287-1, 141/111 TIG/E – black steel

EN 287-1, 311 G – black steel

EN 287-1, 135, 136 CO2 – black steel


- pipe fitters

- metal workers (incl. isometric drawings preparation)

- heating technicians

- plumbers

- fitters

- electrical fitters




Our steel structure fitters, metal workers and fitters have a qualification certificate to operate engine powered handling trucks, a crane operator certificate and a slinger certificate.


All workers have a valid A1 form (i.e. E 101 form), a proof of social security insurance, at their disposal.




Na Příkopech 1194
67401 Třebíč
Czech Republic

+420 777 115 100 (Czech speaking)
+420 739 080 148 (Czech speaking)
+420 776 680 106 (German speaking)
+420 777 897 907 (German speaking)
+420 778 071 100 (English speaking)
+31 - 651 215 342 (Dutch speaking)